Friday, January 29, 2010


People see
right through that kind
of crap.

Seems to me that denominations have largely served as regulators, means of identifying who's in and who's out. The kind of us/them mentality that fuels such boundaries is alive and well in America today, but it's not p/c: a big problem for churches that want to "reach out" (code for getting bigger).

Denominations may never succeed in ridding themselves of the kind of on-or-off theology that's guided the Church since Augustine (and Western culture since Socrates). But sometimes I wish people would learn to acknowledge this failing rather than simply covering it over with words.

People see right through that kind of crap (unless, of course, they're the ones making it in the first place).

When People Say Crazy Things

It's easy for me to poke holes in another's theological interpretation, but for him, these words carry deep meaning. How do I know that what he's saying is wrong?